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Founded on the premise that quality training aids aren't only for schools, Master's Secret develops innovative, affordable equipment for home and school use. The company is based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, where its founder operates a chain of successful martial arts schools.

Gorilla Board Holder

Gorilla Board Holder was developed by 8th degree TKD black belt, Master Terry Wisniewski. As instructor and coach to more than 10 World champion martial artists, Master Wisniewski is constantly looking to give his students an edge in their training methods. The Gorilla Board Holder was born out of the necessity to allow students to effectively practice breaking at home. With the new, patent pending system, students can practice on their own, or have parents, siblings or friends hold boards without risking their fingers, and still provide a strong, stable breaking platform.


Students consistently report increased confidence through training with Gorilla Board Holder, and the results they achieve speak for themselves.  After using the Gorilla Board Holder for less than a year, ITF New Zealand won numerous power breaking medals at the World Championships. Order your Gorilla Board Holder and find out how this innovative system can help you train more effectively and take your breaking to a new level.